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Green swath of rice paddies cut into the lush landscape. Indolent water buffalo, lazing in the afternoon heat The graceful tilt of a Balinese dancer's hand. The tranquility of an Indonesian sunset. This is what you remember the most about Indonesia, because it's all about the simple things.

They catch your eye and captivate you, simultaneously. Like a string of pearls strewn across the sea, the 13,000-plus islands of the Indonesian archipelago stretch almost 5000km from the Asian mainland into the Pacific Ocean. Endowed with a dazzling array of natural resources and unique cultures, Indonesia became a magnet for every shade of entrepreneur from the west - proselytizing missionaries, unscrupulous traders, wayward adventurers and inspired artists. The country's motto "Unity in Diversity" is clearly evidenced by the friendly, tolerant smiles you will encounter and their respect for all races and religions.

Recently, places like Bali, Lombok, and the mysterious Hindu-Buddhist monuments of Java, like Prambanan and Borobudor have attracted huge numbers of visitors, eager to learn about the history of Indonesia, past and present. This remarkable country possesses some of the most incredible sights in South-East Asia and your life may forever be changed by some of your unforgettable travel experiences here. The people, the food, the smells, the clamor of street-life, and the simple beauty of a flaming red sunset will astonish and enchant you. Gaze in awe at the majesty of ancient temples in the Gedong Songo complex on Java; the lumbering leather-skinned dragons of Komodo; the funeral ceremonies of the Toraja in the highlands of Central Sulawesi; the Dani tribesmen of Irian Jaya wearing little more than feathers and penis gourds; the beautiful simplicity of a mosque in Central Java; the puppetmasters of Yogyakarta who breathe life into their subjects; and the brilliant coral reefs off Manado on the North Coast of Sulawesi.

It seems there is never enough time to do everything you want to do in Indonesia. These islands evoke a fierce desire to explore and create and learn and experience. You can learn the fine art of batik-making, get barreled in Bali, relax in Jimbaran Bay, paddle a canoe down the rivers of Kalimantan, surf at Nias off the coast of Sumatra, trek the high country in Irian Jaya, or go on a gastronomic tour and let the food of Indonesia capture your tastebuds. What you will find in Indonesia will inspire and amaze you.


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